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How You Can Help

  • Join the Wikipages mailing list to share your ideas with other members. Sign up here:
  • Add your favorite local businesses! Anything is acceptable, from restaurants and bars to barbershops, accountants, grocery stores, movie theaters and more.
  • Use and other social bookmarking sites to link to
  • Link to Wikipages on your blog.
  • Become a friend of Wikipages on MySpace or Friendster or Appleseed.
  • Email your friends and tell them about us.
  • Interns can work from our Intern Tasks page.

Geographic Organization

For geographic categories, match Craig's List's approach (

Major cities like NYC are at the top of the hierarchy. South Dakota, the entire state, is also at this level of the hierarchy, as are Beijing, Berlin, Edinburgh, Western Mass, etc. The top hierarchy has headers dividing it roughly by continent.

New Page Creation

I would like an HTML form to be used when someone creates a new page: (MoinMoin wiki does this, giving the page creator several default templates to choose from when creating a new page)

  • Use AJAX if appropriate.
  • First, user selects a pre-set type of business (restaurant, etc) which customizes the headers and fields on the form. (There is also an option for "custom" or "other.")
  • Next, user sees headers that correspond to each section of the standard page framework. He fills in text fields next to each header with the proper info.
  • Last, there's a button at the bottom of the form to save the page.
  • To further customize, the user completes the form, saves the page, and then edits it in the normal MediaWiki way.
  • Existing pages are edited in the normal MediaWiki way.
  • Ask JP to help create this.

To Do

  • Create a Wikipages site for Second Life.
  • Attend Wikimania conference in Taipei:
  • Google Adsense blog on maximizing ad revenue:
  • Use Portals for each Borough? Or neighborhood? Or other use... An individual's top picks, or a celebrity's favorite spots... Use Portals for existing online communities like Astorians, Gothamist, Metroblogs, etc.
  • Add Google Maps to pages, though is better since it includes NYC subways:
  • Wikipages Widget for OS X & KDE.
  • Move from use of namespaces for each city to a subdomain for each (like Wikicities does), like "" Or use the directories structure you can see on Wikitravel like Singapore/Chinatown...
  • "Canned page": a form for users to fill out when creating a page, automatically lays out the page. (Use X-Forms, and allow someone to download an OpenOffice file that they can fill out and save for automatically adding that page to Wikipages!)
  • Wikipages business cards
  • Promotion activities. Use TD's list of ideas.
    • Join mailing list and attend events from
    • Attend NYC Entrepreneurs Meetups.
    • Article on Mad Penguin -
    • MacSlash article... Post on MacRumors forums, email to mailing lists...
    • Get mentioned on Gothamist:
    • TD - Join and post about WP here:
    • Also Fark, BoingBoing, Slashdot, MacSlash, Metroblogs,
    • MySpace account for promotion, blogs, photos. Also Friendster,,, Facebook.
    • Use Craig's List Gigs to seek participants.
    • Talk to Free Culture NYU.
    • Develop a strategy to get onto college campuses. Use and more ideas for viral marketing.
  • DONE: Put a link to the users page on the side bar
  • DONE: Join mediawiki-l mailing list.
  • Should we add virtual worlds to Wikipages? A directory of locations in Second Life, for example? (I think we should, under the heading "Virtual Worlds" at the hierarchical level of a city. Second Life should be at the city level in the hierarchy.) This blog lists wikis that are relevant to Second Life. Get mentioned there when we're up and running!
  • When listings reach the thousands, we'll probably have to organize them by zip code. Under "<city> Listings," subdivide by zip code. Or use a category page to organize them automatically.

Year Two Goals

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