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Previous Content

Moved to Community Portal (see links in Navigation box on the left).

Planned Page Changes

  • Also add a new header, Business Type, which will be filled with Categories (as the Neighborhoods header is). These categories will be things like "Italian Restaurant," "Bar," "Barbershop," "Health Club," etc.

Suggested Changes

  • neighborhoods should be listed vertically (columns) for accessibility
  • make searching for restaurant, type, and neighborhood at the same time possible

PLP Scholars Board

Alright, so the group did not work through webcentral... So I am trying this to see if we can collaborate here.

Here are our notes from the last meeting, thanks to Emily.

Location: Nelson Dining, 7 p.m. Members Present: Danielle, Kaitlynne, Jarret, Melody, Shaun, Lauren Items Discussed: -starting a webcentral page, where we can have a discussion forum and post information (such as these notes) Person in charge: Melody -if webcentral doesn’t work, starting a Wikipage: Shaun -Fix e-mails (some people weren’t on the list and I forgot to attach the notes!): Emily APPLICATION CHANGES: We submit the following recommendations: -Inclusion of sections that delineate what the student can expect within the program, if the program complements their course of study/ credit requirements, and who is best suited for the program ~the application itself will ask that the student review this information on the website before submitting -w/ application, include some type of document that outlines the commitments/ other website information for an applicant to print and have; streamlines research process -cover letter requirement ~allow people to show a little more about self/ explain self/ show voice -on the application, note: “Please click on the ‘coursework’ tab on our website to see the time commitment and requirements before submitting your application” -we don’t like question #3, we would like to reword: Please describe a time when you were in a challenging situation with friends, family, or academics. Discuss the challenges you faced and what you learned about your leadership and/or communication skills.”


Please leave a comment so that i can get an idea as to how this works and that i know you got here and can see it.

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