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Signature Coins & Bullion

A specialist rare coin and precious metals dealer based in South East England. We also produce a monthly publication based on research gathered from international sources to give an unbiased view of current geopolitical economics and their effects on you.Mission:As professional numismatists, our job is locating rare coins for collectors, investors, other dealers and our own treasury - not selling them.

In just a short time, you will discover if a coin is genuinely a rare coin it will sell it self- and gold does not need any marketing.

Our sister company in New York is one of the largest rare coin dealers on the east coast and together we have almost $20,000,000 in inventory.

Every month we publish our passion for the world of gold money and rare coin investments in a newsletter called Moneta Monthly. A unique perspective on the world of gold, rare coin investments, economics, politics and finance. Packed with narrative, suggestions, research, and insight into the world of rare coins, gold and money in all its forms.

Making money with gold and rare coins is not easy, you will need to do some homework and our expertise together with our extensive resources will help do just that.

You will find our publications provide knowledge of what gold is, how the rare coin market works, and what is most rewarding, profitable and affordable specimen to suit your aspirations and circumstance.

The reasons to buy gold and silver coins are self evident, researching the right specimens to buy is straight forward.


And unlike many companies, if there is anything you require you will always have direct access to the Managing Director.

Please take some time to browse website and take full advantage of our services and if there's anything you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us on 44 12 6872 5001 and ask for me personally.Products:Numismatic and semi Numismatic Coins and Bullion, in Gold Silver and Platinum. Together with specialist research Papers.

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